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Wesley Hodges

Spring Is Here Damnit!

I do not want to jinx any hope for consistent weather but it is officially Spring. Long days, warm weather, and great fly fishing is in store. However, before all of our heavenly daydreams can take shape, we have to struggle through April’s abyss. It is bittersweet, I know. We break through the last remaining frosts and hit a couple of days of warming. Then, as if a curse from the book of Revelations, we get blasted with a downpour and a cold front.

Once the front passes we watch the river gauges rise into a vertical eternity. We do it to ourselves; hoping for something different. However, we are always disappointed. For me, I decided 3 years ago to take a stand and maintain my sanity. I found my way out and it consisted of piles of marabou and flash. I coupled that with a plane flight to distant lands where the fishing was consistent and at its pinnacle for the season. Somewhere along the way, my clients began to join me and my anti-April picket line.

That my friends are where my destination travel all started. As a way out of April’s wrath and a way in for me to keep casting. If you are like me and are itching to get out during the early and late seasons you should consider destination travel. It’s easy, more or less cost-effective, and it keeps your soul at ease.

For those that booked the early season trips and destination travels with me, get your casting arm ready because it’s going to be a great time filled with laughter, camaraderie, and great fishing. For those that are looking more towards the summer horizon, get ready because we have new water, new boats, and new poppers in store. See you soon and all the best.

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