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Wesley Hodges

Part Time Swamp Preacher

Me: What do you do for a living, Dustin?

Dustin: Im a part time, swamp preacher……

My facial expression: WTF is that.

At the time, Dustin’s response made little sense to me. I knew he was joking, but something about it was true. He is the funniest human being I have ever met. He has no filter, and has no understanding of what embarrassment is. During those few days of hunting, I have never laughed so hard in my life. There were times I had to pass on birds because I could not even use my duck call.  If laughter is good for the soul, I am now purified…

Mr. Bass, Brent, and Dustin (aka Swamp Preacher), thank you for the great hunting. It was one filled with laughter and never ending memories.

The 2016 Season was odd. We had incredibly warm temperatures all the way into the beginning of January and the farm ponds remained full to the rim.  The warm temperatures halted any inclination of a migration until late in the season, and the healthy ponds kept the birds off the rivers. Needless to say, Cooper and I spent copious amounts of time deep in thought. However, when the temperatures finally fell, the hunting turned great. We were getting 20-30 decoying birds within the first couple hours. Cooper would make all the retrieves he could handle and we would be sipping coffee at Waffle House by 9:00am. Great way to close out the season.

Now that the hunting season is closed,  Cooper and I wait impatiently for the next season to open… We will pass the time by tying flies, training, and wandering around the mountains aimlessly looking for something to do. Hell, we will even try to catch a trout every now and then. Never the less, we wait… We will wait for the spring time budding to occur. We will wait for the river temperatures to reach 50 degrees and the color to change to emerald green. We wait for Smallmouth Bass….it will suck until that times comes.

SIDE NOTE: While at a bar a random guy asked me what I thought Heaven would be like.

My idea of heaven is a calendar year that has freezing temperatures with snow and wind from October- January. Then it turns 80 and sunny starting in February…. every dog is bird dog….and Jesus is a duck hunter…..he carries a side by side 12ga….rows and drift boat….and loves catching smallmouth bass……also, Jesus throws a mean change-up……The stranger got up and left.

Turns out he was a Hippie…. I like drinking alone anyways.

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