Wesley Hodges


El Tiempo De Aburrimiento

Once duck season closes, a sigh of relief sets in for about two weeks. I catch up on laundry, get ahead on bills, and consistently sleep more than 4 hours. I unleash the reigns on Cooper and let him do whatever the hell he wants…he has earned it. The days of eating peanut-butter crackers and…
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Fire And Internet

From an early age I have been fascinated by fire and its many purposes. No, I am not a pyromaniac. I am not a arsonist and I do not lust over flame or its effects. Rather, I respect and appreciate the connection between fire and the lifestyle I choose.  During my childhood, I would wander off…
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Part Time Swamp Preacher

Me: What do you do for a living, Dustin? Dustin: Im a part time, swamp preacher…… My facial expression: WTF is that. At the time, Dustin’s response made little sense to me. I knew he was joking, but something about it was true. He is the funniest human being I have ever met. He has…
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The Early Season

Cooper and I managed to hit the blind for a few days during the “Early Season” this year. The 20 degree mornings balanced out the blue bird skies and full moon, which resulted in quite a few birds flying through the Shenandoah Valley. On this particular morning, my calling proved enticing enough to have four…
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