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I hate flying! Sounds ironic since I spent seven years as a Paratrooper. Maybe that’s what made me the best paratrooper the 82nd has ever seen in its ranks. I jumped out of that mother every single time the green light came on regardless of what objects waited for me below. (I’m joking. There are way more legit Paratroopers than me. I rarely performed the parachute jump sequence correctly. I more or less slipped and fell out every time). Regardless, I’m not sure where this fear of flying came from. I do know that it has nothing to do with the recent developments within United Scarelines overbooking procedures.

Fishing with Oliver White
My First Saltwater Fish On Fly

In fact, I hope that every flight I book going forward is overbooked and they ask for volunteers to leave. Something about leaving the earth in an aluminum can held together by pop-rivets puts me on edge.  In fact, I usually have dreams about the aircraft’s wings breaking off due to turbulence. This is obviously followed up by a tumbling movement as the flight descends to its explosive ending. Seriously…every…damn…time.  Sucks right?

Oliver White
Oliver White

However, there are those rare events that do  pop up and I force myself to board suicide vessels.  The kind of opportunities that would haunt you for the rest of your life if you passed up the opportunity. I had one of those opportunities recently and the experience was well worth the 2 hrs of turbulence and the hangover that I suffered through during my return flight. If you are ever in the mood for epic saltwater fishing within the United States, look up Journey South Outfitters and Oliver White.

Nautilus Fly Reels

Both parties are true professionals within the fly fishing industry, passionate advocates for environmental conservation, and genuine characters. Eric, Moe, Oliver , and Outside TV,  thank you for allowing me to be apart of that life changing experience…..Im talking about the fishing not the woman who was sitting beside me on the flight who crushed a tub of guacamole and a bag of Doritos as we flew over North Carolina.

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